End of Life Care

If for no other reason than to help those we care for deal with the enormity of the life-threatening illness and dying, we owe it to them to connect with our own mind around death and dying. Imagine if we were completely at peace with our mortality; if death could come at anytime and we could greet it with acceptance and equanimity; if we had the belief or surety that what we were about to experience was nothing more than the logical conclusion of a biological or spiritual existence. Imagine how we could be with our patients if that fearlessness could be applied to our care for them, in assisting them to make the transition of life to death peaceful and painless..” – from the book, Minding the Bedside: Nursing from the Heart of the Awakened Mind,  by Jerome Stone, published 26 September, 2011.

I can think of no greater honor, nor greater responsibility than working with someone as they go through the transition from life into death. In my experience as a nurse, it has always been of utmost importance that when working with those who are dying or who are in the final stages of life, that I be as present as is possible and do whatever is necessary to help not only the person who is dying, but to serve their family and caretakers as well.

Fortunately, we now have in our country a well-established hospice system in most communities which can serve to help people and their family with End-of-Life Care. Still, with health-care resources stretched beyond their limits, what we’re seeing is genuinely compassionate and caring people working within hospice forced to hurry their visits and unable to spend the unlimited time that – in their hearts – they know would benefit those they serve.

Perfect Sense Care Management can function as a bridge between hospice or palliative services that are already in place and the extra needs that my arise while providing end-of-life care. Call today. It is our honor to serve you in these most precious moments.