Our health and wellness matter most when they prevent us from living a joyful and productive life. Normally, when we’re healthy and feeling well, we rarely think about whether our resources will support us in the event of illness or injury. When challenges do arise, it’s best to have someone to work with to help us get back to our daily lives. Challenges such as managing medications, preparing for surgery, insurance issues, pain management, and end-of-life care can take away precious time from spending time with our friends, family, and the joys of simply living.

Perfect Sense Care Management understands that you want to live your life without the daily disruptions that can result from having to manage your health-care and health-related matters. Because I don’t work for an insurance company, and am responsible only to you, I can provide you with honest, compassionate and effective attention for what you need most – living in carefree dignity with whatever health or wellness challenges may present themselves.

In the hospital setting, Case Managers work to insure that the hospital is doing everything possible to deliver care to you and then get you home. But when you’re at home, trying to deal with issues around medications or needing a referral to a specialist, who is there to work with you to insure your success? That’s why I’m here!