Wellness & Health Coaching

In thirty years of working as a nurse I’ve witnessed that people who deal best with their illness are those who have learned how to choose happiness in spite of their challenges. While this may not be easy to do, and while it may not come naturally, it is possible for people living with even the most difficult health-issues, e.g., pain, cancer, AIDS, and loss, to live happy, joyful and productive lives.

Frequently Asked Questions About Health Coaching:

Q: Can we work on issues that are presently affecting me, like illness, pain and choices of treatment?

A: Yes. My work is specifically designed to help you to deal with challenges that may be confronting you around your health. Because I have worked with thousands of people who were sick or ill, I can help you to design a life that is joyful and fulfilling in spite of illness or health-challenges.

Q: Can we work together with groups of others who also share my challenges?

A: Yes. In fact, I work with groups of individuals, on conference calls, to create dynamic, team-building experiences where each person’s insights and strategies are shared and contribute to helping others in the group deal with health-challenges.

Q: Is it possible to be happy even if I am facing serious illness, or am dealing with struggles like pain, loss and grief?

A: Absolutely. Especially because you are dealing with these issues in your day to day life, it is important that you have tools and strategies to work with them. I can assist you in exploring and discovering your own unique talents and gifts for dealing with these issues. My extensive experience and expertise in dealing with literally thousands of people in the healthcare setting gives me the knowledge and skills for helping you to find meaning and fulfillment in your life, regardless of what challenges or obstacles you are facing!

I want to be here as your partner in life, in helping you to claim your natural birthright to happiness no matter what your circumstances. My only focus is to work with you to discover your own, inherent wisdom and gifts. Let’s do this together!